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Austin, Texas 1972
Joe Mathis, Wolf Hilbertz, Neal Barkhurst
Bali, Indonesia 2004
Tom Goreau, Narayana Randall Dodge, Wolf Hilbertz

Professor Wolf Hilbertz authored a wide selection of papers and publications throughout the 69 year course of his life. A selection of some of his work is available here as downloads. Wolf's seminal 1979 IEEE paper is posted with the permission of the IEEE Intellectual Property Rights Office. For more information on accretion / biorock projects or to contact the Estate of Wolf Hilbertz, please see the Contact page.

Some of these documents are scanned image files, not text, so their file size is relatively large. For PDFs, if you don't have Adobe Reader, you can click on the button at left or get it here:


1970 Toward Cybertecture
, in: Progressive Architecture, May 1970, PDF 2.9 MB
- large scan of page 98, JPEG 3.1 MB
- large scan of page 99, JPEG 3.0 MB
- large scan of page 100, JPEG 3.0 MB
- large scan of page 101, JPEG 2.7 MB
- large scan of page 102, JPEG 2.7 MB
- large scan of page 103, JPEG 3.2 MB

1972 Strategies for Evolutionary Environments, in: The Responsive House, MIT May 1972, PDF 0.7 MB

1979 Electrodeposition of Minerals in Sea Water: Experiments and Applications, in: IEEE Journal on Oceanic Engineering, Vol. OE-4, No. 3, pp. 94–113, 1979, PDF 11.3 MB

1987 Alloplastic-Autoplastic, Newton, MA 1987, PDF 0.1 MB

1987 Electro-Accretion, Newton, MA 1987, PDF 0.1 MB

1991 W. Hilbertz Manifesto, in Architecture and Nature, SFB 230, University Stuttgart and University Tuebingen, 2, 119-127 1992, PDF 0.1 MB

2002 Second Expedition to Saya de Malha, by Frank Gutzeit, Hilbertz + Goreau, August 2002, PDF 2.2 MB