Wolf Hilbertz died in Munich, Germany August 11th, 2007.

In matters pertaining to the Estate of Wolf H. Hilbertz, please contact:
Derrick Hilbertz
891 Saint Marks Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11213-1539
United States of America
tel. +1 917 509 0232

e-mail: "dhilbertz" (at) "earthlink" (dot) "net" (leave out the parentheses)

As heirs of the Estate of Wolf H. Hilbertz, all of Wolf's children, his wife and his ex-wives, i.e. Kai, Derrick, Halona, Navassa and Alissa Hilbertz, Uschi Rommerskirchen-Hilbertz, Frances Carvey and Regina Hilberttz are authorized to distribute texts, photos, videos and other material by Wolf Hilbertz for information purposes.

Wolf's long time partner is Dr. Thomas J. Goreau, PhD.
President, Global Coral Reef Alliance
President, Biorock S.A.
Coordinator, United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development Partnership in New Technologies for Small Island Developing States

Home address:
37 Pleasant Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States of America
tel. +1 617 864 4226
e-mail: "goreau" (at) "bestweb" (dot) "net" (leave out parentheses)

You can contact Wolf's widow Ursula Rommerskirchen-Hilbertz,
who works for the German Foreign Service. She is currently stationed in Cuba:

Ursula Rommerskirchen-Hilbertz
Segundo Secretario
German Embassy Havanna / Embajada de Alemania en La Habana
Commercial Section / Sección Comercial Calle 13, No. 652, esq. a B Vedado
Ciudad de La Habana
tel.: + 53 (7) 833 2569, Ext. 52
fax: + 53 (7) 833 1586
e-mail: "ursula-luise.rommerskirchen-hilbertz" (at) "diplo" (dot) "de" (leave out parentheses)

For more contacts, please see the Links page.

Website by Kai Hilbertz,
e-mail: "info" (at) "pixelarchitects" (dot) "com" (leave out parentheses)